Advantages Of Fine Sand Recovery Machine

Fine and recovery machine is a multifunctional sand washing equipment integrating material recovery and dehydration. The equipment is usually directly used in the back of the sand washing machine. The dewatering screen further dehydrates the finished materials of the sand washing machine. The recovery system extracts and recovers the fine sand from the overflow tail water of the sand washing machine to realize the centralized dehydration and recovery of coarse and fine sand. The disadvantages of large water content, large mud content, large dust content and difficult removal of impurities in the finished product of the sand washer are fully solved, and the quality of the finished product is improved.


So what’s the advantages of fines recovery units?

First of all, the fine sand recovery machine has a high recovery rate of fine sand, which increases the output of fine sand in the industry. The loss rate of fine sand in fine sand industry is high, some even as high as 20%. LDHB fine sand recovery and extraction equipment can solve this problem very well, and its recovery can reach more than 90%, which greatly improves the sand production. Secondly, the particle size can reach 150 mesh and the coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand between 0.15 and 5mm can be recovered. In addition, the equipment has a large capacity and can be provided with different sizes for customers to use. The utility model has the advantages of low power consumption, good recovery effect, simple operation and easy maintenance, simple structure and convenient maintenance, and the automatic operation can effectively save manpower and material resources. Fine sand reclaimer is widely used in tailings recovery, quartz sand and silica sand recovery. It has wide applicability in sand making industry, especially plays an important role in fine sand recovery, and is widely used in hydropower, glass, coal plant and other industries.

LDHB fine sand recovery machine also has great advantages in environmental protection industry. It can effectively solve the serious problems of sediment pollution and mud purification in recent years by using the characteristics of separation of mud, sand and water, large treatment capacity and strong treatment capacity. After separating the mud, sand and mud in the sewage, the separated water can be reused to irrigate farmland. At the same time, the separated mud can return to the land, purify the soil, and reduce the water and soil pollution and loss.

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