Causes Of Failure In Operation Of Vibrating Screen


Material sand dewatering screening is an important link in the production of mines, chemical plants, cement plants and other industries. When the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is low and the production efficiency is affected, the failure causes can be found out from the following aspects.

1.Incorrect feeding. The improper feeding of the conveyor will increase the local wear of the material to the screen machine, and the horizontal impact force will destroy the overall force balance of the screen machine. In the past, it has caused too much burden on the vibrating screen, especially the main beam, and affected the service life of the main beam.

2.Material accumulation is serious. If the cross beam is not cleaned up in time, it will cause serious local wear and tear of the beam and fracture of the beam.

3.Overload operation. The overload operation of the equipment will have a great impact on the spring and motor of the shale shaker, and the frequent overload will change the elastic coefficient of the spring of the shale shaker, and there will be a difference between the left and right amplitudes of the screen before and after, so as to change the movement track of the material, increase the impact on the screen frame and main beam, and cause cracking.

4.Loose bolts. When the bolts fixing the main beam of the screen machine are loose, the movement of the two vibrators will destroy the circulation of the inertia force on the main beam, make the vibration force generated by the vibrators impact the main beam violently, make the main beam subject to abnormal impact force, and cause the main beam to break.

5.The vibration motor works abnormally. The abnormal operation of the vibration motor sometimes leads to the fracture of the main beam, and before similar situations, there will be abnormal sound. Usually, the wrong way in daily maintenance will easily cause such accidents. For example, when the motor is in high temperature, watering to cool down will have a great impact on the life of the motor and the girder.

6.Excessive excitation force. The excessive exciting force of the vibrating screen will cause great load on the screen machine and seriously affect the service life of the main beam.

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