How Expensive Is Sand And Gravel Washing Plant


How much is the sand and gravel washing plant? There are many discussions on the price of sand washer in the market. It is normal for different manufacturers to give different quotations. Due to the different quality of sand and gravel washing machine from each manufacturer, the output of each model, the motor power of each model, and the purchase in different time periods will cause the difference of price for sand washing machine.

Factors affecting the price of sand washing machine

  1. Raw materials of sand washing machine equipment. If the price of raw materials (iron sheet, screen, etc.) rises, the price of sand washing machine will certainly rise.
  2. Production cost of sand washing machine. The design, production and processing of ore washing machine all need to consume labor cost. Once the market labor price rises, the price of this part will certainly be allocated to the sand washing machine. However, this is a normal price increase and belongs to the normal market performance.
  3. Storage and transportation cost of sand washing machine. After sand washing machine production, it needs to be placed in a specific warehouse, which will again increase the cost of sand washing machine.

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