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Industrial sand washing plant mainly used in sand field, mine, chemical industry, mixing station and other industries. It can remove the impurities on the surface of sand and stone. The working principle of sand washer is to drive the impeller to rotate and clean with triangle belt. The clean sand and stone are swept away by the blade, and the remaining sand and stone enter the chute to complete the cleaning of sand and stone. The working principle of this kind of equipment is very simple, which is basically the same, and the operation is also very simple, and the use is very convenient, so it has been widely used.

Working principle:

During the operation of sand washing machine, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through V-belt, reducer and gear. The sand and stone feed tank enters into the washing tank, which is driven by the impeller to roll and grind each other to remove the impurities on the surface of sand and stone, and damage the water vapor layer of sand particles to facilitate dehydration; at the same time, add water to form concentrated water, determine the flow rate, impurities and their ratio in time, and take out and discharge the heavy and small foreign matters from the overflow port flushing tank to complete the cleaning function. The sand is removed by the blade and poured into the discharge tank from the rotating impeller to complete the sand cleaning.

Structural features:

1.The structure is simple, and the impeller driven bearing device is isolated from water and water receiving materials, which greatly avoids the damage to the bearing caused by water immersion, sand and pollutants.


2.Compared with the traditional equipment, the device has the following advantages:

(1) The loss of fine sand and stone powder is small, and the grading and fineness modulus of washed construction sand reach the national scale of “building sand”, “building pebble and gravel”.

(2) The wheel bucket type sand washing machine has no wearing parts except the screen.

(3) It has a long service life and no maintenance for a long time.

3.Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, low power consumption and high cleanliness. The new sealing structure, fully sealed oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate keep the series of products durable and stable, good cleaning and dewatering effect, and the product fine-grained is not disordered.

4.It is used for washing, grading and dewatering of small sand and stone used in construction site, gravel plant, glass factory, hydropower station and other units.

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