Plant Area Required For Silica Sand Processing Plant


Sand washing equipment is widely used in all kinds of hard to wash large ore and it is the most effective method for hard to wash ore at present. LDHB silica sand processing plant also has certain requirements for the construction site. Let’s learn about some requirements of sand washer on the construction site.

1.Reasonably arrange the storage area of raw materials and finished materials. Generally, the production capacity of sand washing equipment shall be arranged according to the demand of finished materials in a certain period of time to prevent the pollution of finished products caused by environment or climate during storage.

2.Reasonably arrange the power supply lines to ensure the safety of power consumption.

3.Reasonably arrange water supply, sedimentation tank, return water and other pipelines to keep the production site clean.

4.Consider the storage, care, transportation and maintenance of sand washing equipment during the period when it is out of service.

Sand washer is widely used, but also to have a reasonable management of the construction site, so as to ensure the production efficiency and the service life of sand washing machine.

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