Pretreatment Of Washing Sand Aggregates

Before the sludge is dewatered by the belt type sludge dehydrator, it should be pretreated, also known as sludge conditioning (sludge thickening). Because the sludge produced by the sewage treatment plant, especially the activated sludge, is generally poor in dehydration performance. Direct dehydration will require a large number of dehydration equipment, making the cost larger. The so-called sludge conditioning is to improve the dewatering performance of sludge through pretreatment, improve the production capacity of dewatering equipment, and obtain comprehensive technical and economic results. There are two kinds of sludge conditioning methods: physical conditioning and chemical conditioning. Physical conditioning includes washing, freezing and heat conditioning, while chemical conditioning mainly refers to adding chemicals into sludge to improve its dehydration performance. The above conditioning methods are used in practice, but chemical conditioning is the main one, because the chemical conditioning process is simple, easy to operate, and the conditioning effect is relatively stable.


LDHB belt filter press is a new type of sand washing treatment system developed on the basis of the traditional sewage treatment process of "water collection sedimentation + pretreatment + artificial sedimentation + mechanical dehydration". It not only inherits and develops the traditional technology, but also has beautiful appearance, large structural rigidity, stable operation, low noise, configurable thickening pretreatment equipment, good sludge flocculation effect and low operation cost.

The backwash and pretreatment system specially designed by LDHB can effectively solve the problems of mud hardening, mud discharge difficulty, pipeline blockage and so on in the traditional sewage treatment process. The quality of recycled water can fully meet the requirements of aggregate production, realize the recycling of sewage, save energy and environmental protection.

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