Why My Rotary Screener Do Not Work

Rotary screener is a vibrating screen with circular motion track, which has the advantages of high speed, high screening accuracy and wide range. Compared with the ordinary sieve machine of the same specification, it has greater processing capacity and higher screening efficiency. It is suitable for solvent, cold sintering, ore classification in metallurgical industry, classification dehydration and impurity removal in coal industry. In order to avoid the failure of the dump screen in use, we should maintain it in daily operation.


Daily maintenance of trommel screen

1.Use the trommel screenn to do a good job in lubricating the supporting bearing part of the reducer.

2.The grease used for the rotary screen bearing is calcium based grease, and the reducer is lubricated with 45 × oil regularly.

3.Before leaving the factory, the roller screen needs to be filled with grease at all lubrication parts and the lubrication cycle should be determined according to the specific use conditions. The equipment is equipped with two lubricating parts, which are on the bearing pedestal at the head and tail.

4.It is forbidden to adjust the equipment during operation to avoid dangerous accidents.

5.Equipment maintenance

(1) The equipment shall be maintained by personnel trained in the equipment.

(2)The maintenance and repair of the equipment must be carried out after shutdown.


(3)The maintenance personnel shall often manage the equipment and check the operation of the equipment, for example, whether each fastener is reliable and whether the rotation reducer is flexible. After the machine stops working, the dirt at the blockage must be cleaned.

(4) The machine can be fed evenly after normal operation. Under normal operation, the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 40 ° C, and the maximum temperature rise shall not exceed 70 ° C. In case of exceeding the above temperature, stop the machine immediately, find out the cause and remove the fault in time. Before stopping, stop feeding first, and turn off the motor after the materials in the drum screen are completely discharged.

6.After running for a period of time, the roller screen must open the dust cover to check whether the screen is damaged. If it is damaged, repair or replace the screen, otherwise the product quality will be affected.

7.The solution to the heat bearing problem of the roller screen shaft is that when the vibration speed of the exciter slows down and the bearing temperature rises, the operator needs to stop and check the screen machine immediately to check the problem in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the linear screen.

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