Sand Washing Water How To Be Recycled


LDHB sand washing water recycling process is mainly through screening, water washing, recovery and other equipment to extract the sand in the mud, get the purified mud, and then filter the mud into mud cake through the filter press, so as to realize the dry stacking and drainage of mud and the reuse of water. Some mud can also be recycled to the relevant process.

Process of sand washing water how to be recycled ?

1.Sludge dewatering equipment belt filter press or  filter press is used to treat the sludge dewatering process. The sewage enters the sludge sedimentation tank. After the sludge is precipitated, the concentration is higher and the dosage is less. Then it is pumped out by the sludge pump and sent to the static mixer through the slurry pipe. At the same time, the agent is also transferred from the reagent pool to the static mixer through the reagent pipe.

2.The sludge and chemicals enter the static mixer at the same time. After the sludge and chemicals are mixed and flocculated, they pass through the mud pipeline and then enter the thickener of the belt filter press. After 10 meters of heavy dehydration, it enters the main machine of the filter press. Driven by the driving roller, the inner and outer ring-shaped filter belts begin to enter the downward curved arc-shaped wedge-shaped area for initial pressure dewatering.


3.Then it enters the low-pressure area, and the water is squeezed out by a pressing roller with L-shaped pressing strip, and then enters the surface pressure gravity dehydration generated by S-type winding type. After the inner and outer filter belts are separated, the filter cake on the working surface of the inner and outer filter belts is scraped off. The pressed water flows to another sedimentation tank by pipeline. After sedimentation, clean water can be pumped to clean the mesh belt of belt filter press to maintain continuous dewatering effect and complete the whole process of sludge dewatering.

The equipments used in wastewater treatment process design of sand washing plant includes filter press, high-efficiency paste thickener, dewatering screen,  etc. The wastewater treatment process design of LDHB sand washing plant has the advantages of wide treatment range, low investment and high income. Maintenance is simpler and requires less service. The cleaner water can be separated from the waste water of sand washing plant and can be reused directly. The equipment is easy to install and requires less floor space. The purification system can realize automatic operation and requires less manpower.

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