How Does The Screen Of The Sand Washer Clean Sand

The sand washing machine has very high requirements for the material of screen mesh, which requires strong toughness and wear resistance. After years of technical innovation of LDHB and verification of technical personnel for many times, it is determined that the sand washing effect will be more significant when there is tension expansion in the screen of sand washing machine equipment. Next, we will review the process of sand washing machine equipment test.

First of all, from the sand washing equipment manufacturing workshop, select a sand washing machine which has passed the quality inspection, and transport it to the sand washing machine equipment near the plant area for test. The equipment of sand washing machine can be started up after confirming that the power connection is normal and the inspection of electric control cabinet, bearing and runner is completed.


Secondly, the sand is sent to the rotating wheel bucket through the belt conveyor, and then the water pump is turned on to supply water. Under the impact of water, the dust in the sand is cleaned, and the gravel, sawdust and other debris are isolated by the screen. The essence of screen size is the size of mesh. The diameter of silk thread directly affects the size of mesh. In order to ensure the uniformity of screen size, the diameter of silk thread and the size and error of mesh are specified in the international standard of screen mesh.

For the dewatering screen of sand washing machine, we change a variety of materials. For example, nylon, manganese steel, high chromium alloy, rubber, stainless steel, etc. the screen of different materials is installed on the sand washing machine equipment for sand washing work. After 10 days of continuous operation of the sand washing machine equipment, it is found that the mesh wear degree of different materials is different. The chromium manganese screen with tension has less wear. Therefore, the sand washing effect is good when the screen of the sand washing machine has a certain tension.

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