Sludge Thickening Process


Sludge thickener is mainly used in water treatment systems such as blast furnace, continuous casting, hot rolling and waterworks in metallurgical industry or in the concentration or purification of all solid slurries in coal, chemical industry, building materials, water sources, sewage treatment and other industries. It can also be used for concentrating and dewatering of concentrate and tailings slurry in wet beneficiation.

Sludge concentrator is generally used as concentrate before filtration or as tailings dewatering. Concentrator and high-efficiency concentrator are suitable for concentrating concentrate or dewatering tailings before filtration. They can also be widely used for concentrating and purifying solid slurry in smelting, coal, chemical industry, building materials, water supply and sewage treatment industries.


How does a sludge thickener work?

LDHB suldge thickener is based on the traditional vertical flow sedimentation equipment. The structure of the inner feeding barrel has been improved, which greatly improves the sedimentation efficiency. The surface of the tank is circular. Suspended matter settles into the conical sludge bucket at the bottom of the tank under the action of gravity, and the clarified water is discharged from the overflow weir around the upper end of the tank. The overflow outlet is equipped with a scum filtering device and a baffle to ensure the quality of the effluent water.

The waste water from the treatment material enters the central feeding barrel through the feeding channel, and through a series of functions such as slow flow and flocculation, the thickened bottom flow slurry is discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the tank, and is filtered into other equipment such as filter press to form mud cake. Cleaner water (overflow clarifier) is produced in the upper part of the tank, which is discharged from the top outlet. Clear water can be recycled to realize zero discharge of production wastewater.



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