How To Solve The Trouble Of Sand Vibrating Screen

In the vibrating screen, the main beam mainly supports the vibrator and transmits the exciting force. The force of the main beam includes the gravity of the vibrator and the gravity of the main beam itself; the excitation force produced by the vibrator; and the inertia force produced by the vibrator and the main beam in the process of screen vibration. In addition to gravity, excitation force and inertia force are alternating loads and excitation force is concentrated force. Therefore, the design of the main beam should not only carry out strength calculation, but also consider the reasonable stress in the structure and reduce the weight as much as possible. In addition, the two ends of the main beam and the screen frame side plate are connected by high-strength bolts, so the specification and quantity of bolts should be calculated correctly. It can be said that whether the design of the main beam is reasonable is closely related to the service life of the main grain.


In addition, the vibrating screen shall be manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings in the production, and pay attention to the technical requirements marked. Once the manufacturing is slightly ignored, the main beam is prone to problems. Among them, more attention should be paid to the following points: welding with specified welding rod to avoid welding defects, welding process to ensure small welding deformation; strict process control to ensure the geometric tolerance of the main beam; strict heat treatment in accordance with the drawing requirements.

To sum up, in order to avoid the risk of girder fracture in the later stage of production and design, it is necessary to carefully select manufacturers and try to select manufacturers with higher reliability. LDHB is a professional and innovative mining equipment manufacturing enterprise, which specializes in customizing various types of sand washing, recovery, dehydration and screening equipment, and subsequent zero discharge scheme design of sewage environmental protection treatment. We have rich manufacturing experience, reasonable production line process configuration scheme and perfect modern detection system, and do our best to provide users with reliable products with guaranteed quality!

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