How To Use Sand Washing Equipment Safely


As a large-scale equipment for sand screening and cleaning, sand washing machine plays an important role in the process of mining resources in China. In the production, due to various reasons, sometimes there are some potential safety hazards. In order to effectively avoid the potential safety hazards, the sand washing machine should take the following measures:

1.The operation and maintenance personnel of the sand washing machine must understand the instructions and the performance structure of the sand washing machine.

2.The sand washing machine must be equipped with safe and reliable protection device, and the exposed parts easy to be touched by the operator shall be equipped with protection device.

3.Before starting the machine, check the lubrication condition of all parts and add lubricating oil regularly. Replace the parts with serious wear in time to make the hidden danger disappear in the bud.


4.When the sand washing machine is in operation, it is not allowed to work under overload. When there is a problem, it must be shut down. It is not allowed to overhaul in operation. For the problem that cannot be solved, it should be given a clear warning sign and wait for professional personnel to come to repair.

5.The sand washing machine is equipped with overload, material shortage in the material tank, wear of parts and other protective devices

6.When the machine is stopped, the feeding shall be stopped first, and the machine shall be stopped after the minerals in the tank are removed.

7.Let the user master the correct operation process of the sand washing machine, and be careful in the operation process

8.The sand washer does not work for a long time and must be overhauled every six months.

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