How To Improve Screening Efficiency Of Vibrating Screen?


When the screening efficiency of sand washing production line is low, the vibrating screen can be adjusted as follows to improve the screening effect.

Nine ways to improve the screening efficiency of vibrating screen

1.Control the feeding quantity. It is necessary to control the feeding amount reasonably to avoid too much or too little.

2.Feed evenly. When feeding, the material should be fed continuously and evenly to make the material evenly distributed along the screen surface, so as to effectively ensure high production capacity and screening efficiency.

3.Feeding mode. In some cases, the vibrating screen is not fed along the full screen width, which will cause the screen surface can not be fully utilized, so it is necessary to carefully detect and timely adjust the feeding mode in the work.

4.Tilt adjustment. When the screening efficiency is not ideal, the tilt angle of the vibrating screen machine can be adjusted. The proper tilt angle is beneficial to reduce the material thickness.


5.Improve the opening rate. To improve the opening rate of the vibrating screen plate, high opening rate is conducive to improve the screening effect, usually the stainless steel welded screen plate has high opening rate.

6.Reduce the plugging rate. The screen plate with self-cleaning function can be considered to reduce the blocking rate of the screen surface.

7.Wet sieving is used. Compared with dry screening, wet screening has better screening effect.

8.Control the feed moisture. For dry screening, strictly control the water content of the feed.

9.Adjust the counterweight. For the circular vibrating screen, the method of adjusting the balance weight can be considered to improve the screening effect.

When the vibrating screen is used for screening operation, reasonable measures can be taken according to the actual situation, combined with the characteristics of the materials and the vibrating screen, so as to improve the screening effect of the vibrating screen on the premise of ensuring the processing capacity.

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