How To Improve The Processing Capacity Of Wheel Sand Washer?

wheel bucket sand washer

1. The quality and performance of wheel sand washer

As we all know, the quality of large wheel sand washer determines its working life, performance is the cornerstone to ensure its processing capacity. The more perfect the equipment performance, the stronger the processing capacity. Then can create higher profit space for the sand; the equipment have better quality, ,the working capacity of the whole production cycle can also be higher. LDHB wheel sand washer have high quality, and it can save later operation expenses for users, and ensure the quality of finished products, so that users can return the cost quickly

2. Improve the technical level of operators.

Training for the staff  who operates the wheel bucket sand washing machine to let them understand the principle, function and operation precautions of the equipment, avoid improper operation, and ensure the processing ability of the equipment.


3. Operating strictly in accordance with standardized operating procedures.

a. Before starting the Wheel sand washing equipment, the operators should rotate the rotor by hand to check whether there are any abnormal phenomena in each part of the machine.

b. The user shall install protective equipment on the V-belt according to the specific situation of the site before running the wheel sand washer.

c. Do not repair or clean the machine when it is running. Do not start the machine for maintenance.

d. It is not allowed to add aggregate exceeding the specified size.

e. The wheel type sand washing machine shall rotate in a fixed direction. It is not be allowed do reverse rotation.

bucket sand washer

f. During the operation of the wheel sand washing machine, if find there is any abnormal vibration or noise , the feeding shall be stopped immediately. After the materials in the box are discharged, the motor shall be stopped immediately, and the machine shall be stopped for inspection. Then the operation can be continued after troubleshooting. In case of tight condition, the motor must be stopped first, and the material in the cavity must be cleared before starting.

g. It is worth mentioning that the bearing is one of the parts that easy to be damaged in the sand washing machine. Generally, it should be inspected every two months. If the bearing gets very heavy wear, it should be replaced immediately. It is necessary to add oil regularly to increase its service life. The rolling bearing shall be filled with oil every 5000 hours. The gearbox needs to be cleaned and changed oil after 3-6 months of operation, and the bearing pedestal generally needs to add the grease twice a year. The specific situation depends on personal use and machine wear.

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