Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Sludge Thickening Process


Sludge concentration and dewatering machine is a kind of sludge treatment equipment, which is suitable for sludge dewatering in various industries. It was first used in chemical dewatering. Now it has become a necessary equipment for sludge dewatering in many municipal wastewater treatment plants. It is simple and convenient to operate, safe and reliable to operate, and it is a kind of sludge dewatering equipment with good dewatering effect. It has many advantages, such as high filtration impetus, high solid content of filter cake, clear filtrate, high solid recovery rate and low consumption of conditioning drugs.

Overview of Sludge Thickening Machine

LDHB sludge thickening machine produced is also called plate-frame filter press, which is suitable for sludge suspension with high compressibility or near incompressibility. The suitable concentration of solid particles in suspension is generally less than 10%, and the operating pressure is generally 0.3-1.6 MPa, especially up to 3 MPa or higher.


Sludge Thickening Process

The plate and the frame are arranged alternately, and the two sides of the filter plate are covered with filter cloth. The plate and the frame are compressed by a pressing device, that is, a filter chamber is formed between the plate and the frame. There are small holes in the same part between the upper end of the plate and the frame, which become a channel after compaction. The sludge is pressurized to 0.2~0.4 MPa. The channel enters the filter chamber. The surface of the filter plate is engraved with grooves, and the lower end is drilled with channels for the discharge of filtrate. Under pressure, the filtrate is discharged through the filter cloth, along the grooves and channels to dehydrate the sludge.


Characteristics of sludge filter press

Filter press has a long history in industrial production. It has good separation effect and wide adaptability. Especially for the separation of sticky and fine materials, it has its unique advantages. Sludge concentrating and dewatering machine is a mature dewatering equipment with simple structure, easy operation and stability, flexible selection of filter area, less occupation, large filter impetus, low moisture content of filter cake, strong adaptability to materials, and suitable for all kinds of sludge.

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