Safe Work Procedure of Filter Press Machine


What is a Filter Press ?

Filter press is a kind of mud treatment equipment developed for solid liquid separation in industrial production. It is mainly used in chemical, ceramic, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, smelting and other industries, as well as industrial filtration and sewage slurry treatment. This equipment has the advantages of convenient operation and maintenance and reliable operation. The mud cake filtered by the filter press has a higher solid content and an excellent separation effect.

LDHB filter press is extruded through the plate frame, so that the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of dehydration. In operation, under the pressure of the feed pump, the liquid to be filtered is sent to each filter chamber, and the solid and liquid are separated by a filter medium (selecting a suitable filter cloth according to different industries). The filter residue is formed on the filter cloth until the filter chamber is filled to form a filter cake.


How to use LDHB Filter Press safely ?

1.Before pressing, check the filter plate, filter frame and filter cloth for damage and folding, and lubricate the moving parts.

2.When discharging the slag, the filter frame,pulp entrance, filter plate and filtrate outlet should be carefully cleaned.

3.The accuracy and reliability of the feedback signal devices (such as proximity switches, electrical contacts, pressure gauges) of the automatic control system must be guaranteed. If there are any problems, they should be repaired in time.

4.Keep the surface of filter press clean and prevent rust.

5.Maintenance of hydraulic system is mainly to check the quality and quantity of hydraulic oil and the sealing of hydraulic components and connections.

6.The order of the filter plates on the frame is: starting from the thrust plate, the filter plate, the filter board, the filter board, to the press board.

7.After the filter plate frame is arranged on the frame,starting the motor and press the manual reversing valve to the tight position.

8.When the pressure is reached its prescribed, the pressure is automatically stopped and maintained, and the motor of the hydraulic station stops and enters the pressure-holding state.

9.After entering the pressure-holding state, check the opening and closing state of each pipeline, confirm that there is no mistake, then start the feed pump and slowly open the feed valve.

10.Loosen the filter plate and unload the cake. Firstly, starting the oil pump, placing the manual reversing valve in the tight position, releasing the locknut and then placing the manual reversing valve in the middle position, pausing for a few seconds, and then puting the manual reversing valve in the return position. Stoping the oil pump when the pressure plate returns.

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