Gravity Thickener

Gravity thickener is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on gravity settlement, which is similar to clarifier and sedimentation tank. It can make suspended solids in the slurry gradually sink to the bottom of the tank.

Gravity thickeners are often used in mining, metallurgy and other industries to process various minerals, metals and non-metals. In addition, gravity thickeners can also be used in industrial wastewater treatment, environmental protection governance and other fields.

Working principle of gravity thickener

When working, the slurry is mixed with the flocculant and enters the gravity thickener through the central cylinder. The slurry is guided from the feed vertical cylinder to the surrounding areas by the guide plate at the outlet of the feed vertical cylinder, allowing the slurry to diffuse to the surrounding areas.

A gravity thickener can concentrate slurry with a solid content of 10% -20% into underflow slurry with a solid content of 45% -55% through gravity settling. With the help of a rake installed in the thickener, the thickened underflow slurry is discharged from the underflow port of the thickener. The upper layer of clear water is discharged from the top drainage outlet to achieve mud water separation.


1. Large processing capacity per unit volume and high concentration efficiency.
2. Hydraulic multi-point drive, infinite speed regulation, high mechanical strength, with overload protection function.
3. The hydraulic rake lifting device is used for reliable operation.


Model Diameter (m) Settlement Area (m²) Vertebral Height (m) Taper (°) Water Treatment (m³/h) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
NMJ-10 10 78 0.85 12 250-300 5.5 φ10000×7.9
NMJ-12 12 113 1.08 12 300-400 5.5 φ12000×8.1
NMJ-14 14 153 1.27 12 400-600 7.5 φ14000×8.3
NMJ-16 16 200 1.48 12 600-800 7.5 φ16000×8.5
NMJ-18 18 254 1.7 12 800-1000 7.5 φ18000×8.7
NMJ-20 20 314 1.9 12 1000-1300 7.5 φ20000×8.9
NMJ-22 22 380 2.12 12 1300-1600 7.5 φ22000×9.1
NMJ-24 24 450 2.23 12 1600-1900 7.5 φ24000×9.2
NMJ-26 26 530 2.55 12 1900-2300 11 φ26000×9.6
NMJ-28 28 615 2.76 12 2300-2700 7.5+4 φ28000×9.8
NMJ-30 30 708 2.97 12 2700-3100 7.5+4 φ30000×10

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