Hindered Settling Classifier

Hindered settling classifier is widely used for the strict grading of coarse or fine particles of quartz sand or other minerals. And can be used for particle size control and minerals separation with different specific gravity instead of fine screening.

LDHB hindered settling machine is mainly used for grading between the particle sizes of 0.1 to 0.8 mm to ensure the particle size composition of the fine sand.

How hindered settling classifier work?

The sand and water mixture is fed through a feed tank from the upper part and moves downward in the cylinder under the action of gravity. The porous water spray plate in the lower part of cylinder continuously feeds new water, and the uniformly rising new water flow interacts with the descending solid particles to gradually form a fluidized bed, and the particles with different particle sizes will fall down or move up at the hindered settlement velocity under the volume concentration.

By means of the electronic pressure sensor, the pressure condition of the fluidized bed can be measured and the opening of the discharge valve can be automatically adjusted to ensure accurate the classification of separation granularity as required, so that the product has stability and uniformity.


1.Achieving the granularity grading or specific gravity sorting by the rising water flow, high production efficiency and low energy consumption.
2.Equipped with an automatic control system, the granularity can be changed by adjusting the parameters of automatic control system, and it is easy to operate and control.
3.The water tank at the lower part of cylinder is provided with a special device, and the water inlet hole is automatically closed when the water is stopped, thereby avoiding material blocking holes in the cylinder body and entering the water tank.


Model Feed size (mm) Feeding concentration (%) Grading range (mm) Capacity (t/h) Water (m³/h) Weight (kg)
HSC1500 <5 40-60 1-0.1 10-15 55 2040
HSC1800 <5 40-60 1-0.1 15-20 75 2880
HSC2100 <5 40-60 1-0.1 20-25 110 3370
HSC2250 <5 40-60 1-0.1 25-30 160 3850
HSC2400 <5 40-60 1-0.1 30-40 220 4030

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