Multi-cylinder Cone Crusher

Multi cylinder cone crusher is a typical crushing equipment for medium and fine crushing of hard materials. It is developed on the basis of spring cone crusher. Its basic structure is similar to that of spring cone crusher. Multi cylinder cone crusher can be widely used in medium and fine crushing of various hard minerals and rocks. It has high crushing efficiency and can fully meet various crushing needs of customers.

Application: widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement, sand and gravel, metallurgy and other industries

Applicable materials: River pebble, granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite, diabase, iron ore, gold mine, copper mine, etc

How Multi-cylinder Cone Crusher Work?

When the multi cylinder cone crusher works, the moving cone makes a rotary motion along the inner surface. Where it is close to the fixed cone, the materials are crushed by the extrusion and bending of the moving cone. Where it deviates from the moving cone, the crushed materials fall from the bottom of the cone due to gravity. The whole crushing and unloading process is carried out continuously along the inner surface.


1. Large eccentricity, high swing frequency and layer compression crushing.
2. The equipment has high output, large crushing ratio and good grain shape.
3. The fixed axle design makes the host bear more load.
4. Reliable hydraulic protection makes the main engine more reliable and safe when running.
5. Special sealing method ensures the cleanness of the lubrication system.


Model Tight side discharge port
RHP300 115~140 150~185 180~220 200~240 220~260 230~280 250~320 300~380 350~440
RHP400 140~175 185~230 225~280 225~200 275~345 295~370 325~430 360~490 410~560 465~630
RHP500 175~220 230~290 280~350 320~400 345~430 365~455 405~534 445~605 510~700 580~790

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