Track-Mounted Mobile Sand Washing & Recycling Plant

Track-mounted mobile sand washing & recycling plant is a mobile sand and gravel washing machine with crawler, which is widely used for washing and selecting in many industries such as sand and gravel plants, mines, building materials factories, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, and concrete mixing.Through the crawler, the mobile operation of the washing is realized, and the operation mode is more flexible. It is powered by diesel and electricity, either external power supply or diesel only. It can be equipped with satellite positioning and lock function, supporting various forms of commercial sales and cooperation. This mobile plant owns advanced technology, intelligent monitoring and control system, has wireless remote monitoring, data transmission, data analysis and remote control functions.

How Track-Mounted Mobile Sand Washing Plant Work

[Structures] : The main components are: crawler device, hydraulic motor and planetary reducer, generator set (including engine and generator), hydraulic workstation, control cabinet, frame, working device (spiral sand washing + wheel sand washing + fine sand recovery +dehydration), working platform, remote control device, and optional satellite positioning mechanism, information monitoring and information transmission system, etc.

[Working Process] : The qualified materials after classified by screening equipment flows into the screw sand washer through chute or pipeline. Sand and gravel are fully separated from impurities and mud through the fully cleaned, soaked and broken by screw mixer. Fine sand  is recovered through cyclone separator. Then the coarse and fine sand enters wheel sand washer for secondary cleaning. The coarse sand is lifted onto the high frequency dewatering sieve by impeller, the overflow muddy water flows into the water tank and concentrated by cyclone separator. Finally dehydrated by the dewatering screen to achive the cleaning, recovery, dehydration and dry heap discharge of gravel.

[Description of energy transmission] :The generator set has a built-in engine, which burns diesel fuel to work and provide power to drive the generator to meet the electricity demand of moving or working, that is, miving and working are not at the same time. When the machine moving: all the electric energy produced by the generator set is used in the hydraulic station. Then the hydraulic station form hydraulic energy to drive the motor on the crawler chassis, and drive the crawler to move after being decelerated by the planetary reducer. When the machine is moved to the designated location, there are two options for machine working: One is that the generator set continues to work, and all the electrical energy produced is used to drive all the motors on machine to perform operations. The second is to stop the generator set and drive all the motors on the equipment by external power supply.


1. Dual power by diesel and electricity.When electricity is available, it can work by electricity. When there is no electricity, it can work by diesel generating set.

2. The operation is more flexible, which can realize rapid transfer. Compared with the traditional wheeled mobile sand washing station, it can walk, reverse, turn, climb without traction.

3. Simple operation. Crawler walking can be realized by a handheld remote control, the electric control system has an interlocking function, button operation and PLC touch screen control are provided.

4. It has remote positioning and lock function, which has accurate positioning, reliable lock and high safety factor.

5. It has video monitoring, signal transmission, wireless remote control and other functions, and can also perform data analysis and fault analysis through data recording.


Model Spiral Size (mm) Impeller Size (mm) Screen Panel (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
LD80 2LX760 XSD2512 TS1530 75 12500*3000*4500
LD100 2LX920 XSD3016 TS1842 110 14430*3500*4500

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