How Do You Build A Sand Aggregate Screw Wash Plant


Correct installation and debugging of sand aggregate screw wash plant.

1.Due to the large torsion force of the equipment, it is suggested to install the spiral sand washer on the concrete foundation with embedded weldments for welding during installation. The depth and area of the foundation shall be calculated separately according to the soil conditions. It is suggested that the foundation weight is approximately 3 times of the machine weight.

2.After the screw sand washer is installed in place, check whether the reducer’s big and small gears are displaced and whether the clearance between water tank and large wheel bucket is consistent. After adjustment, fix and weld the machine on the foundation.

3.Add lubricating oil into the sand washer, adjust the oil level, and generally take 50% below the center of the shaft.


4.After the screw sand washer is installed and adjusted properly, the test run shall be carried out.

a) Continuous operation for 2 hours;

b) All solid parts shall be firm without looseness;

c) The reducer and gearbox have no abnormal noise.

5.In addition to meeting the requirements of no-load test run, the load test run shall also meet the following requirements:

a) When feeding the spiral sand washer, the material should not be strongly impacted on the water tank. It is not allowed to add materials with partial load and fill the water tank, so as to avoid damage to the wheel bucket and body.

b) The maximum feed rate of screw sand washing machine should meet the design requirements.

Performance characteristics of single screw sand washer

  • It has simple structure and stable operation.
  • Bearing is separated from water and material to avoid damage caused by pollution and rust.
  • Suitable for all kinds of working environment.
  • With less material loss and high washing efficiency, it can fully meet the requirements of high grade materials.
  • It has a long service life and almost no wearing parts.
  • In rare cases, maintenance is required, so the cost can be greatly reduced.

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