How To Do If The Water Content Of Sand Is Too High


The quality of manufactured sand directly affects the quality of concrete, so the production process of manufactured sand is very important. In the production of concrete, the gradation, stone powder content and moisture content of manufactured sand play an important role in the quality of concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to control the moisture content of manufactured sand. How to control the water content of sand? There are two common methods.

Natural dehydration

The natural dehydration method is mainly machine-made sand blanking, stacking dehydration and machine-made sand reclaiming separately. Generally, the moisture content of manufactured sand can be reduced to less than 6% after 3-5 days of storage and dehydration, and the dehydration situation is also affected by the stone powder content and initial water content of manufactured sand. When the stone powder content is between 10-17%, and the initial moisture content of sand is 15-17%, the dehydration speed is fast within 2 days, which can reduce the water content to 8-10%, and within 3-5 days, the water content can be reduced to about 6%.

Mechanical dehydration

The main methods of mechanical dehydration are screening dehydration, vacuum dehydration and centrifugal dehydration. The vacuum and centrifugal dehydration methods have good dehydration effect, but high investment cost and low processing capacity; screening dehydration generally adopts vibrating screen dehydration, which has high dehydration treatment capacity, but the effect is not as good as vacuum and centrifugal dehydration.


Due to the high production capacity of machine-made sand, the installation of dewatering screen is an additional process after the production and processing system is put into operation. According to the test, the water content can be reduced from 25% in the initial stage to about 15% by using the linear vibrating screen.

The new type tailings vibration dewatering screen designed by LDHB has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and convenient maintenance. Compared with the ordinary linear vibrating screen, the tailings dewatering screen has the advantages of large processing capacity, good dewatering effect, low moisture content of finished material after dehydration, wide application industry and high cost performance ratio.

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