Modern Latest Sand Washing Machine


International sand washing machine technology is becoming more and more mature, which indicates that the competition between sand washing machine manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce. The competition is not only about production technology, but also many factors such as service quality and reasonable price. Wheel sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine and sand washing dehydration recovery machine are the main equipment of LDHB. Nowadays, with the rising demand of users, LDHB has launched the modern latest sand washing machine mobile sand washing station.

LDHB mobile sand washing station has excellent screening and recovery performance, which is suitable for all kinds of materials. The materials enter from the feeder to the vibrating screen of the circular vibrating screen, and then are cleaned by the spiral sand washing machine. The materials enter the fine sand recycling machine for dehydration and recovery. The whole process of material screening, recovery and dehydration is achieved.

portable wash plant

Structure composition: mobile trailer chassis, screening device, washing device, dehydration recovery device, pump and motor components, conveyor belt, electric control and hydraulic system, etc.

Applicable materials: River pebble, granite, limestone, basalt, coal gangue, weathered sand, river sand, yellow sand, etc.

Applicable production line: Pebble sand washing, granite crushing sand washing, quartz sand washing and dehydration, basalt crushing sand washing, coal gangue crushing sand washing and other materials production line.

Working process: the artificial sand or natural sand is fed to the screening device by the belt conveyor. The materials on the screen are transported to the storage yard by the belt conveyor as finished products. The materials under the screen enter the sand washing device through the chute, and are fully soaked, stirred and cleaned in the sand washing device. The cleaned materials are then transported to the front-end dehydration equipment for dehydration and recovery to produce qualified finished sand.

Sand washing machine equipment is a very important mine crushing machinery, which is an effective equipment to greatly improve the quality of machine-made sand. With the continuous improvement and innovation of sand washing machine technology, the elimination rate of sand washing machine equipment will also be higher and higher. Only with the development of the times can it be a high-quality sand washing machine equipment.

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