How To Solve Shaking Problem Of Screw Sand Washer

In the daily production and operation of screw sand washer, once the machine fails, the production efficiency will be affected, and then the economic benefits will be affected. More common, such as screw sand washing machine operation is not stable, shaking big, so what is the reason for the screw sand washing machine running unstable shaking big? How can we solve the shaking problem of screw sand washer? As a professional sand washer manufacturer, we will give you some simple answers.


The reasons for the instability and shaking of the screw sand washer:

1.The wear of the vulnerable parts on the impeller of the screw sand washer is serious, which leads to the shaking caused by the internal imbalance of the equipment;

2.Too large feeding particles: the feeding particle size exceeds the large particle size that the screw sand washer can bear, and the equipment operates overload;

3.There is a blockage in the impeller passage, which makes the feed uneven and swing.

Methods to solve the shaking of screw sand washing machine:

A. Regularly maintain the spiral sand washer equipment, check the wear condition of each part, and replace the vulnerable parts to make the internal impeller of the screw sand washer reach balance;

B. The feeding particle size of screw sand washer should be strictly controlled, which should not exceed the large value allowed by the equipment;

C.Take out the blockage on the impeller flow channel, and often clean and maintain the crushing chamber.

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