Bucket Wheel Sand Washer Dust Washing Plant

At present, both natural sand and manufactured sand are in high demand and high price in the sand and stone market. However, the quality and gradation of sand before sale are the key points affecting the price. Sand washing machine is the equipment that can improve the quality and grading of sand. In the field of sand and stone processing, sand washing machine is an indispensable sand washing equipment. With the user’s requirements on the cleanliness of sand and gravel products, more and more people are required High, which sand washer is the best? LDHB double wheel sand washing machine is one of the best sand washing machines.


Bucket wheel sand washer is the dust  sand washing plant used by most sand factory customers at present. After cleaning, the sand and gravel products are clean and tidy, with low impurity content, meeting the material requirements of high standard users in various fields.

Sand washing machine is generally from the sand cleanliness, water consumption, service life, whether it can meet the demand and other aspects to determine. In order to get high quality, clean sand products, it is particularly important to choose a high-yield sand washing machine.

Dual wheel sand washing and recovery machine

Maximum processing capacity: 150-180 T / h

Water consumption for cleaning: 80-360 m3 / h

Maximum power: 112KW


Advantages and features:

1.Compared with single wheel sand washing machine, it has higher configuration and higher output.

2.It can also be used for cleaning raw materials with more than 20% mud content.

3.The equipment is stable in use, many models can be selected, the scope of use is wider, and the market penetration rate is relatively high.

4.The materials used are solid and the welding technology is high. The materials used in all parts are beyond the same industry, and all the materials are made of new steel which meets the national standards.

5.Each part of the equipment is based on four 25 ᦇ channel steel base, which can bear the overall weight of the equipment and can be moved at any time without concrete foundation on the site.

6.Each part can be flexibly adjusted according to customer requirements.

7.The position of crusher can be reserved to make it a sand making machine

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