Equipment To Produce Washing Sand


When the sand washer cleans the sand, many people worry that the sand will not be cleaned and that the loss of fine sand is too large. So how to realize the cleaning function of sand washer? What should we pay attention to the problem of impurity residue?

How to realize the cleaning function of sand washer?

When the sand washing machine works, the reducer, V-belt and gear are driven by the motor to rotate the impeller. The material enters the washing tank from the feed tank. The material is grinded by the roller driven by the impeller to remove the surface impurities. At the same time, water is added to form a water flow to remove the impurities and small foreign matters. The blade takes away the clean sand and stone material to complete the cleaning process.

How to solve the problem of impurities and residues in sand washing machine?

Users pursue high quality and clean sand, so sand washing machine is particularly important.


  1. Installation requirements of sand washer
  2. Before installing the sand washer, check whether its parts are complete, and install them in sequence after confirming that they are correct.
  3. According to the site conditions of the gravel plant, the foundation construction drawing is designed, and the sand washing machine is installed on the solid concrete foundation.
  4. After adjusting the sand washer, check the rotor of the sand washer to see if it is blocked.
  5. Matters needing attention in commissioning and operation of sand washer
  6. Before the operation of sand washer, it is necessary to check and debug to see if there is any abnormal situation.
  7. The drain hole and drain outlet of sand washing machine need to be checked to see if there is blockage inside, so as to avoid problems during the operation of sand washing machine.
  8. During operation, loosen the washing pipe, feed and wash sand again. The amount of water injection should be moderate, the sand tank will not overflow, and the cleanliness of cleaning can be maintained. The feed liquid should be uniform, the quantity should not be too much, and the speed should not be too fast. All these will affect the quality of sand.
  9. Maintenance of sand washer

*Bearing is a part of sand washing machine, which can be inspected every two months. It should be replaced immediately when it is seriously worn. It should be oiled regularly to increase the service life of bearing.

*The reducer of sand washer should be cleaned and replaced after 3 / 6 months of use, and the grease of bearing pedestal should be replaced after 6 / 12 months of use, which can be determined according to the user’s use and the wear degree of the equipment.

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