Main Machine Performance Indicators

Main performance indicators of LDHB machines (general materials) :

1.Water content of materials after dewatering : 17 ~ 24%.
2. Recycling machine (hyrdrocyclone) general feed concentration: 8% ~ 20%. Recovery rate of fine sand in non-metallic mines: the recovery rate of materials with particle size larger than 200 mesh is up to 70-90% (except Metal Mine Tailings, Ultra-Fine Materials, and other Special Materials).
3. Feed pressure of hydrocyclone: 0.12 ~ 0.15Mpa. Material concentration on the dewatering screen panels after concentrating by the hydrocyclone: 40 ~ 60%
4. Solid content in the tail water of sand washing hydrocyclone: <6% ~ 15% (generally < 10%).
5. Feed concentration of wheel sand washing: <50%, moisture content of washed materials: 30-40%. Mud content of finished material after processing by sand washing and recycling machine: 1 ~ 3%.
6. dewatering screen panels weight: about 38 kg / ㎡.

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