Machine Made Sand Production Line Price

With the continuous reduction of natural sand resources, the market demand for machine-made sand is increasing, more and more investors have begun to invest in the production line of machine-made sand, so what is the price of a machine-made sand production line? What factors affect the price of machine-made sand washing production line?


For example, for the same machine-made sand production line with a capacity of 200 tons per hour, but with different design schemes and different configuration of production line equipment, there may be a difference of tens of thousands of dollars between the two quotations. So, what factors are related to the price of sand production line, and why the price difference of sand production line with the same production capacity is so large?

  1. Different models

Although the configuration of the equipment is the same, but if the model is not the same, their production capacity range is not the same, and the price difference is also justifiable. Sand making machines with the same production capacity are used in different situations, and the manufacturing materials may be different. For example, the materials used for pebble sand making site should be more wear-resistant, while the materials used for medium hard stone such as limestone can be made of general materials.

  1. Different equipment configuration

The equipment used for sand washing and crushing is different, their production cost is different, the cost of sand production line is also different, and the difference in price is certain.


  1. Different equipment manufacturers

Different manufacturers offer different prices for equipment. Because different manufacturers may design different configuration schemes, once the manufacturers are different, the above three factors are likely to change greatly, which will affect the price of the production line not only slightly, but also the quality and performance of the products.

  1. Different equipment materials

The material of sand washer equipment is related to the production efficiency, service life and other substantive issues of the equipment. The more exquisite the material is, the higher the production efficiency and the more durable the equipment will be, and the higher the cost of the sand production line composed of it will be.

In the actual purchase process, the sand making design schemes given by different manufacturers are different, and the equipment suitable for the production line configuration is different, which has a great impact on the price. Every user wants to purchase equipment with reasonable price and guaranteed quality, so they are worried when choosing models. How good would it be if they could make an on-site investigation?

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