What Kind Of Materials Can Sand Washer Process

There are many kinds of sand washing machines, such as wheel bucket sand washer, drum screen sand washer, spiral sand washer and other high-quality sand washing machine equipment. Water plays a cleaning role in the operation process of the sand washing machine. Impurities that have been turned by the sand washing machine are washed away by water, and the effect of impurity removal is complete.


However, the sand washing machine has certain requirements for material cleaning. If it is forced to clean unsuitable stones, it will not only not get the original washing effect, but also pose a hazard to the equipment itself. What kind of materials can sand washing machine process?

1.The aggregate with alkali activity shall be prevented from being used as much as possible, or it shall be proved by abundant tests.

2.Some quality indexes of the material of the sand washing machine do not meet the requirement standard, but they can be used when they are satisfied with the requirement after proper processing and disposal.

machine-made sand

3.As for weathered rock mass, it can also be selected when the weathering does not affect the physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability of single stone and meets the quality requirements.

4.When selecting the rock mass with joint and fissure development, especially the hidden joint as the aggregate, relevant experiments should be carried out to prove whether the aggregate can meet the quality and block demand.

5.When sandstone and other rocks with great lithology change are selected as the material, it is necessary to carry out relevant tests and prove.

6.After crushing, it is not suitable to select the stone whose needle and flake content exceeds the standard rules. If it is necessary to use it, it is necessary to adopt the process method of improving the aggregate shape.

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