Sand Washing Machine Installation And Operation

In sand washing production line, it is usually used for heavy mine equipment, which has a large energy consumption and large energy generated in production and operation. If the equipment is not operated properly in the process of use, it may cause great damage to the equipment. Therefore, all operation links of sand washing production line equipment shall be carried out according to the specified process to avoid equipment damage or accidents caused by improper operation.


Precautions for installation of sand washing machine before use:

  1. first, it is necessary to confirm whether the lubricating system of sand washing equipment is normal operation and whether the pipeline is smooth and complete.
  2. confirm that the equipment wiring in the sand washing production line is correct before connecting the power supply.
  3. after the sand washing equipment is started, it is necessary to confirm whether the transmission system of the equipment can operate normally, whether it has complete transmission device and whether the electrical system is reliable.
  4. confirm whether the sliding part of sand washing equipment operates normally, whether there is any tension, collision or crack damage. If there is any damage, it shall be replaced in time.
  5. the sand washing work flow shall start all equipment in sequence, and the start interval between each equipment shall be greater than 5 seconds. After all the equipment is started, it shall be operated for 5 minutes.
  6. after the above steps are confirmed to be correct, fill the water tank with water, add a small amount of material in the hopper, and let the sand washing production line start to operate under light load. After confirming it is correct, the normal working output can be adjusted.


Precautions for operation of sand washing machine:

  1. If there is no special situation in the sand washing production line, do not use emergency button as much as possible.
  2. The sand washer shall stop immediately in case of blockage, material jam, overload and other faults. Before stopping, the screw body of the sand washer shall be lifted out of the slurry and then the ore valve shall be opened quickly, so as to avoid material blocking the sand washing machine.
  3. After the troubleshooting, the screw body of sand washer shall be lowered to the designated position before starting.
  4. If the sand washing production line stops in fault, the vibration feeding mechanism shall be stopped first, and the feed shall be stopped from the source. After the material classification on the conveyor belt is completed, the operation of each equipment shall be stopped.
  5. The bearing shall be kept lubricated and high pressure oil shall be injected into the bearing every 4 hours as possible, so as to ensure the sealing of the bearing.

The above introduces the precautions of sand washing production line before and during use. The staff should strictly follow the operation process when operating the equipment to avoid damage to the equipment and reduce the service life of the equipment.

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