How Does Sludge Gravity Thickening Work

Paste thickener is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on gravity sedimentation. Clear water overflow can be realized in the upper part of tank body, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification and solid-liquid separation.

Aiming at the phenomena of non-treatment, non-recycling, random disposal and serious damage to river, mountain, city and village water systems in sand washing industry, LDHB has gone through five years and developed a rapid sewage purification equipment, LDHB high-efficiency paste thickener . It can be used in sand aggregate plant, precious metal concentrator and other industries.


How does a sludge gravity paste thickener work?

The waste water from the treatment material enters the central feeding barrel through the feeding channel, and through a series of functions such as slow flow and flocculation, the thickened bottom flow slurry is discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the tank, and is filtered into other equipment such as filter press to form mud cake. Cleaner water (overflow clarifier) is produced in the upper part of the tank, which is discharged from the top outlet. Clear water can be recycled to realize zero discharge of production wastewater.

LDHB Paste thickener improves the structure of inner feeding drum which on the basis of traditional vertical flow sedimentation equipment, thus greatly improving  the sedimentation efficiency. The surface of the tank is circular. Suspended matter settles into the conical sludge bucket at the bottom of the tank under the action of gravity, and the clarified water is discharged from the overflow weir around the upper end of the tank.

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