Paste Thickener

LDHB high-efficiency paste thickener is based on the traditional vertical flow sedimentation equipment. The structure of the internal feed cylinder is improved, and the efficiency of sedimentation is greatly improved. The plane of the tank body is circular and suspended. It settles into the conical sludge tank at the bottom of the tank under the action of gravity, and the clarified water is discharged from the overflow weir around the upper end of the tank. The overflow port is provided with a scum filter device and a baffle to ensure the effluent water quality, the underflow concentration is up to 70%, and the treatment capacity is 3-8 times higher than that of the conventional concentrator.

How LDHB paste thickener work?

LDHB paste thickener is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on gravity sedimentation. When working, the solid particles suspended in the pulp in the centrum of thickener settle under gravity, and the upper part becomes clarified water, so that the solid-liquid can be separated.

The slurry wastewater with solid content of 2%-15% can be raised to 60%-70% slurry by gravity sedimentation. The upper part of the tank can realize clear water overflow, so as to achieve the purpose of slurry purification and solid-liquid separation.


1. The high-efficiency paste thickener has a slender body, and a flocculant is added during the concentration process to accelerate the concentration process of material settling and overflow water clarification.
2. Using suspension filtration, medium adsorption, precipitation working principle, no purification film, no wearing parts.
3. The tank body is made of high quality carbon steel (or stainless steel, epoxy glass reinforced plastic, etc.) material, which has good strength and corrosion resistance.
4. The cost of the medicament is low, the treatment volume is large, the treatment efficiency is high, and the performance is stable.
5. Small size, small footprint, easy to install.
6. The service life of the whole machine is 10-15 years, with less one-time investment and significant economic benefits.
7. The processing capacity is higher than that of the traditional thickening machine, and the quality of the overflow water can reach the national emission standard.


Model Capacity (t/h) Tank Height (mm) Volume (m³) Overall Size (mm)
S3040 <50 φ3000X4000 35 φ3000X8860
S3060 50-100 φ3000X6000 50 φ3000X10860
S6030 100-150 φ6000X3000 100 φ6000X9400
S6040 150-200 φ6000X4000 130 φ6000X10400
S6050 200-250 φ6000X5000 160 φ6000X11400
S6060 250-300 φ6000X6000 190 φ6000X12400
S8045 350-400 φ8000X4500 260 φ8000X10600
S8060 400-500 φ8000X6000 300 φ8000X12100

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