How To Start A Trommel Sand Wash Plant

Trommel screen is a kind of equipment commonly used in beneficiation. Through the continuous rotation of the screen body, large pieces of waste rock can be thrown out, greatly improving the next separation operation. The roller drum screen mainly consists of motor, reducer, roller device, frame, screen and inlet and outlet. During operation, the motor connects the reducer with the roller device through the coupling, and drives the roller device to rotate around its axis. The materials are turned over and rolled, and the materials are screened out one by one through different meshes. The materials stuck in the mesh can also be ejected to prevent blocking.


Equipment commissioning

Ⅰ. Preparation before commissioning

  1. After all parts of the roller screen are installed and inspected to be qualified, the test run can be carried out. Before the test run, the components shall be checked in detail to see whether they are installed correctly as shown in the drawings, whether the fasteners are firm, and whether there are obstacles around the screen body that hinder the operation of the roller screen.
  2.  Put the rectangular access door in the open position, and rotate the screening cylinder through the manual barring, observe whether the comb type cleaning mechanism is jammed or abraded, if any, adjust it through the adjusting bolt.
  3. Check that all bearing pedestals and gearboxes are well lubricated and the oil level of gearboxes is proper.
  4. The power connector shall be firm and reliable, with good insulation and correct grounding.


Ⅱ. No load test run

  • Jog the motor control button, and check that the rotation direction of the motor should be the same as that shown on the cage roller screen.
  • Start the equipment for 1-2 hours and observe the operation of the roller screen. If any abnormal sound or other phenomenon is found, stop the machine for inspection in time, find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

The following items shall be checked during 1-2 hours of test run.

  •  The maximum temperature of the large shaft bearing shall not exceed 75 ℃, and the temperature rise shall not exceed 45 ℃.
  • Tighten all fastening bolts in time in case of looseness.

Ⅲ. Feeding

a. When the screening machine is in stable operation, start up the feeding and discharging equipment, and carry out feeding and commissioning.

b. Close the seal isolation cover after normal discharging (during normal operation, the seal isolation cover shall always be in the closed position).

c. Check the discharge particle size and whether there is leakage and dust.

d. Operate for half an hour, check all parts carefully and deal with problems in time.

e. During the working process, the operation condition shall be checked frequently. In case of abnormal operation or abnormal sound, the machine shall be shut down for inspection in time to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

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