Supplying Of Wash River Sand Machine In South Africa


River sand is produced by repeated collision and friction of natural stone in natural state for a long time under the action of water. It is a kind of nonmetallic ore with many impurities because of its complex composition and smooth surface. Therefore, river sand must be cleaned to remove impurities effectively. Sand washing is an indispensable process to improve the quality of sand aggregate. At present, there are many kinds of sand washing machines on the market in South Africa with complete models, so how to choose sand washing machine equipment?

There are many sand washing machine manufacturers, and the configuration of quality, processing capacity and performance not only determines the price of sand washing machine, but also determines the service life of sand washing machine equipment. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when purchasing:

  • Clear production demand:

Before selecting the equipment, it is necessary to understand the nature of raw materials, capacity demand, discharge particle size and other factors, so as to select the model and size of sand washer.

  • Look at the performance of sand washer:

The performance of sand washing machine equipment will affect the use effect and economic benefits of later users. Therefore, users should try their best to make field investigation when purchasing sand washing machine equipment, test the machine in person, and observe the operation status and processing capacity of the equipment during the test, so as to better purchase high-quality sand washing machine equipment.


  • Understand the price difference:

Sand washing machine has high cleanliness and stable operation, which is popular in the market. Nowadays, there are many sand washing machine manufacturers in the market, whose quality and performance are good and bad, and the price is not low. Therefore, users should know the price difference of sand washing machine in detail according to the quality and performance of the equipment.

  • Strength of sand washer manufacturer

The strength of sand washing machine manufacturers mainly refers to the production scale, production and processing technology, and the proficiency of operators. Only the strength of the manufacturers can guarantee the overall performance and after-sales service of the equipment. The reputation of the manufacturer in the industry can also reflect the use of sand washing machine equipment. It can also refer to the after-sales and credit of the manufacturer. Users should know more about the reputation of the manufacturer in the industry when purchasing equipment.

LDHB is an integrated enterprise specializing in mining machinery R & D, production and sales. We are committed to providing customers with equipment and services covering the whole process of sand washing, screening and production. We will recommend suitable models for you according to the needs of customers. We will also match different configuration schemes for you according to your site environment. We can also customize special models for you, and provide you with perfect after-sales service to meet any of your needs.

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