How Much Water Is Needed Per Hour To Run A Sand Washer


Sand washing machine main function is to clean sand and remove impurities. Sand washer is to use clear water to wash and dilute, and take away the impurities such as soil and stone contained in sand and stone. The more mud contained in sand and stone, the greater the water consumption. So how much water is needed per hour to run a sand washer ?

In the actual working process of the sand washer, the specific water consumption needs to be determined according to the size of the project, the soil content of the material and other factors. Of course, the type and model of equipment will also affect the water consumption of sand washer. In the process of cleaning, if the added water is reduced, the sand is not clean. Taking the model of LDHB spiral sand washer as the data reference, the treatment capacity of lxs920 is between 30-100, and the required water consumption is between 10-80; the treatment capacity of 2lxs920 is between 60-200, and the water consumption is between 20-160. Generally, a large amount of water is needed in the sand washing process of sand washing machine, so the sand washing production line should be set in a place close to the water source, so that it is convenient to get water nearby.


According to different sand washing equipment, water consumption is also very different. In the actual sand washing process, the ratio of sand and water of spiral sand washer is about 1:1 or 1:1.5, while the ratio of sand and water of bucket wheel sand washer is about 2:1 or 4:3. It can be seen that the bucket wheel sand washer is more water-saving, and the screw sand washer is more water-consuming. Of course, this is not fixed, just as a data reference. The specific water consumption needs to be determined according to the sand particle size, mud content, powder content and other factors.

The waste water produced by the sand washing machine is directly discharged, which pollutes the environment and wastes water resources. Now most of them will not adopt this direct discharge method, but adopt a more energy-saving and green sand washing production line, and specially design a sedimentation tank. The used water can be recycled, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also saves the cost of water resources. For more green sand washing production lines, you can consult LDHB online.

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