Aggregate Washing Screen Panels


Aggregate washing and dewatering screen is suitable for coal, metallurgy, recycled concrete, chemical industry, medicine, raw grain and other industries. The aggregate washing screen uses the vibration motor as the vibration power to make the material throw up on the screen and move forward in a straight line. It has the advantages of high screening accuracy, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life.

LDHB aggregate washing and recycling machine uses polyurethane sieve panels, which is very practical for fine sand aggregate recovery. When the equipment is working, the vibration frequency of the sieve plate is very fast, and the polyurethane sieve plate is also a consumable of the fine sand dewatering and recovery machine, which needs to be replaced.

Compared with the sieve plate made of other materials, the screen panels with polyurethane material is easy to block, but the sieve plate with polyurethane material is not. Because the surface of the sieve plate is coated with a layer of special material, the material blockage can be avoided.


The advantages of polyurethane aggregate washing screen panels :

1.Long service life and large bearing capacity. Polyurethane is the most wear-resistant screen material in the world, and its bearing capacity is more than 2.5 times of rubber sieve plate. Its service life is 8-10 times longer than that of ordinary metal sieve plate, 3 times of stainless steel screen surface and 3.9 times of natural rubber.

2.The screening efficiency is high. The screen surface has self-cleaning performance, no plugging and high screening efficiency. Because of its strong water permeability and large sieve cone angle (140 °), polyurethane can effectively prevent the adhesion of wet fine particles, so it is suitable for screening and grading of wet fine materials.

3.It is suitable for any type of vibrating screen and can be made by measuring machine. Polyurethane sieve plate is used in hydropower station, building materials and other metal processing industry.

4.The screening accuracy is high. The production process of polyurethane sieve plate adopts mold casting molding process, which has accurate pore size and high screening quality, and the particle size of materials under the screen can meet the requirements of users.

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