Fines Recovery Units

Fines recovery units is a combination of dewatering screen and hydrocyclone that is specifically developed integrates dewatering, screening and fine material recovery on the basis of the original recycling machine, and achieves the effect of multi-purpose machine. Fines recovery unit is generally directly used at the rear of sand washer, dewatering screen further dehydrates the finished material of sand washing machine, and recovery system effectively extracts and recovers the fines in tail water overflowed by sand washing machine to realize the coarse and fine sand centralized dehydration and recovery.

How fines recovery units work?

Structure: the fines recovery units is divided into two systems: dehydration and recovery. Dewatering part consists of dewatering screen and vibration motor; recovery part includes slurry pump, motor, high pressure separator, cleaning tank and returning tank.

Working process: the finished material of sand washing machine directly enters dewatering screen for dehydration, and the muddy water discharged from sand washing machine enters the water tank fines recovery units, and is pumped to hydrocyclone separator for classification and concentration through slurry pump. The recovered fines enters dewatering screen from grit nozzle, and the waste water, mud, powder, impurities pass through the overflow port of pressure separator and enter the return water tank for discharge.

Popular Applications

A Sand Dewatering Screen can be supplied as part of a sand separation system or added later as a final dewatering step.


1. Both dehydration and recovery functions, which solves the problem of high fineness modulus and low stone powder content of finished sand in artificial aggregate processing system.
2. Above 95% fines recovery rate brought the direct economic benefit to customers is more than 15%, which has both environmental protection and economic benefits.
3. Improve the quality and productivity of finished products, fully solve the problems of sand washing machine.
4. Secondary washing function make the products cleaner.
5. Fines recovery unit can also provide more flexible process configuration for customer to meet the different production requirements besides the existing fixed group form.
6. Multi-function, easy to operate, saving investment cost and floor space.

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