How To Configure Sand Production Line

With the decrease of natural sand, the market of machine-made sand shows great potential and vitality. Especially in recent years, the huge demand of the construction market has promoted the rapid development of the gravel market. With the improvement of infrastructure, discerning investors see business opportunities and want to set up a small and medium-sized sand production line quarry. How to configure the machine-made sand production line?


Equipment configuration scheme I of machine-made sand production line:

Silo + vibrating screen (roller screen) + sand washer + conveyor (the specific length and position can be determined according to the actual site conditions).

Equipment configuration scheme II of machine-made sand washing production line:

Feeder + vibrating screen + quartz sand washing machine + conveyor.

Sand washing, fine sand recovery, dehydration and other technologies are combined to fully recover the fine sand, and the loss is controlled within 5% – 10%.


The output of one sand washer is 15-260 tons / hour. Of course, one sand washer is not enough for large output. Two equipment can be configured to improve the cleanliness of sand.

The equipment price of machine-made sand production line is about 20 thousands to 50 thousands. There are so many sand washing machine manufacturers in the market. The scale, material use and equipment quality provided are different, so there is a slight gap in the whole set price.

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