Dewatering Screen Operational Brochure

Screening is very common in sand and gravel production line. It is classified according to the shape and size of different materials, whether it is the pre-screening at the front end or the separation of finished materials at the end. Dewatering screen is also called sand dewatering screen, tailings dewatering screen, high frequency vibration dewatering screen, etc. Its main functions are dehydration, desliming and medium removal. It can be used for sand washing in aggregate plant, slime recovery in coal preparation plant, dry discharge of tailings in concentrator, etc. The following is the operation manual and precautions of dehydration screen in daily use, taking LDHB hot sale dehydration screen as an example.


  1. Installation and adjustment of dewatering screen

The motor shall be fastened on the mounting surface, which must be smooth and level, and can be installed horizontally.

When connecting to the power supply, the outgoing cable shall not be broken abruptly, and shall be fixed reliably with the vibrator.

The motor shall have reliable grounding. There is grounding device in the motor. There is a mark at the lead end. It can also be grounded with solid bolts at the foot.

Adjust the exciting force.

  1. Use and maintenance of dewatering screen

At the beginning of the machine operation, check the anchor bolts at least once a day to prevent loosening.

When the motor rotation direction does not meet the requirements, adjust the power phase sequence.

The motor should be well lubricated. Lithium grease (zl-3) should be added every two weeks. When refueling, appropriate amount of lithium grease should be added through the oil cup. When sealed bearings are used, the motor is not equipped with oil cup.

After 1500 hours of operation, the bearing should be checked. If there is serious damage, it should be replaced immediately.

When the machine is used again after a long period of time, the j-edge resistance should be measured, which should be greater than 0.5 megohm for 500 volt megohmmeter.


  1. Regular maintenance

Regularly check the coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring for fatigue and damage, and check whether all parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration. The parts that need to be lubricated must be lubricated.

  1. Precautions for the use of dewatering screen

After the test run, check that the above contents are correct, re tighten all fasteners, screen and all parts are in good condition, and then they can be formally used. Before that, we must do the following work well:

1) The training of operators should understand the structure of each part of the equipment and the simple working principle; before the work, they should make preparations for the start-up, check that the rotating parts are flexible without jamming, the screen is in good condition, all parts are not loose, and the bolts are tight.

2) No load start-up and shutdown of dewatering screen are generally used in crushing and screening equipment or washing process, which requires no-load start-up and shutdown of screen machine. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the principle of starting the reverse process and stopping the process. It is not allowed to stop with materials except for special reasons. When there is accumulated material on the screen surface, it must be removed before starting. The feeding can be started only after the operation is normal.

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