How Much Is Sand Washing Machine


How much is sand washing machine?The price of sand washing machine is analyzed from several aspects:

1.Steel material of sand washing machine

In order to be durable, have high wear resistance, can withstand the impact of various hardness ores, and has high safety performance, only steel material is preferred. Of course, steel is a rare resource, so the price of sand washer will change with the international steel material. When the price of steel rises, the price of bucket wheel sand washer will certainly rise. On the contrary, if the price of steel falls, the price of sand washer will decrease.

2.Welding manufacturing technology level

This kind of large-scale equipment is usually made to the part, and then welded. If the welding technology is not hard enough, the welding gap between each part will affect the service life of the equipment. In addition, manufacturing technologies include casting process, machining process, electroplating process, etc. if these technologies are very good, it means that more technical costs will be invested. Generally, if the manufacturing technology of sand washing machine is very good, the price of sand washing machine will be raised to a certain extent. In this way, the price of sand washing machine will be unstable, of course, the most important thing depends on the performance of the equipment.


3.Applied labor cost

The production and manufacture of sand washing machine must need a large number of workers. If the manufacturer has excellent technology, some labor can be saved. Therefore, when the cost of workers increases, the price of sand washing machine will increase. This is a very important factor affecting the price. In areas with high labor cost, the price of equipment will increase due to the high labor cost. However, our company is located in Henan Province of China, which is a very low labor cost area. In addition, ldhb uses more sand washing machine assembly parts, which reduces the cost again, so that the output sand washing machine equipment has the absolute advantage of high quality and low price, which is the best choice for you to purchase sand washing equipment.

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