Bucket Wheel Dewaterers

LDHB Bucket Wheel Dewaterers are also called Bucket Wheel Sand Plants are designed to maximize support different requirements during the operation, such as maximum recovery of fines or maximum remove of fines with lower power capacity.

LDHB Bucket Wheel Dewaterers are twin bucket wheels complete with fines retention screw, and the bucket wheels are fitted with PU panels for the removal of clays, silts, and slimes to produce up to 2 grades of sand(0-4mm & 0-6mm). Bucket wheel dewater is the ideal fines recovery unit for sand plants for its long service life and low wear rate.

How Bucket Wheel Dewaterers Work

Sand and water mixture is fed into the washing tank of bucket wheels and the sand is captured and dewatered by impellers after washing. The muddy water(including a large amount of fine sand, clays and slime) enters the spiral tank for fine sand precipitating, then the precipitated fine sand is pushed into the bucket wheel tank by the slowly rotating spiral blade, the fine sand is taken out by the buckets, dewatered and discharged. The dispoasl of fine sand can be controlled by adjusting weir plate that assembled at the end of spiral tank, so as to achieve the ideal effect of fine sand recovery.

When special fines do not need to be recycled, the settling and recycling of fines can be controlled by adjusting the anti turbulence inlet boxes and overflow weir plate at the bottom of the spiral tank.


1. LDHB bucket wheel dewater requires less space, less power, easy transportation, more efficient in working.
2. Bucket wheel dewaters can be used for silica sand, river sand, frac sand, waste fines and gravels.
3. Adjustable fines screw speed provides excellent fines recovery rate.
4. Bucket wheel capacity ranging from 25TPH-250TPH.


Model Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Spiral Size (mm) Impeller Size (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
LXHS-30 ≤10 30-40 1500*3500 2500*1200 7.5 6800*2700*3400
LXHS-50 ≤10 40-60 1800*3500 3000*1600 11 7280*3160*3800
LXHS-80 ≤10 60-90 2200*3500 3600*2000 15 7900*3600*4500

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