Fine Sand Washing Method

In the sand making and sand washing production line, it is usually necessary to recycle the fine sand, because there will inevitably be excessive loss of fine sand in the waste water of the sand washing production line. According to statistics, each production line loses about 5% – 25% of fine sand, which is very amazing in the long run. If the fine sand is recovered, the profit will be considerable. Is there any way to recover the lost fine sand?


Bucket wheel sand washer is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, transportation, concrete mixing station and other fields. The process of sand washing is circular motion. The spiral sand washer uses the propelling force of the spiral blade to clean the soil. Compared with the wheel sand washer, the spiral sand washer has higher cleaning degree and better cleaning effect on stones. Similarly, when the specific gravity of sand, mud and water is different, the extracted sand, water and mud flow along the chute. However, no matter what kind of sand washer is used, it will inevitably take away most of the sediment in the process of mixing water source, and it will flow along the water tank when the separation is unclear. In addition, the screen of the wheel sand washer should not be too thin, so the loss of sand particles on the surface is inevitable.

Methods of fine sand washing:

  1. Sedimentation method of multistage sedimentation tank

After the sand washing wastewater enters the sedimentation tank, it is better to set up three layers. After a period of layer by layer precipitation, due to the large proportion of sand mud, it can be separated for a long time. Of course, this method also has disadvantages, such as long precipitation process, large area occupied by sedimentation tank, and manual excavation of sediment and sediment in later stage. It can be said that this is the most time-consuming and laborious.

fine sand recovery machine

  1. Equipped with dewatering screen equipment

The sand washing wastewater is directly discharged to the linear dewatering screen to recover the lost sand. The disadvantage is that the raw material contains little or no mud, that is, there will be no problem. However, if there is too much mud, the last link will be useless and there will be no recovery effect, and there will be no recovered or silted mixture.

  1. Equipped with fine sand recovery machine

The sand washing wastewater is directly discharged into the sewer of the fine sand collector, and the mixed mortar water is pumped into the cyclone separator through the mud pump and discharged into the screen surface. The fine sand part is discharged along the screen surface, and the cement and water flow back to the sewage pool to form a cycle and continuously extract sand from the waste water. At present, no other faults and theoretical problems have been found, and the fine sand recovery units has been recognized in the market.

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