How Does The Trommel Scrubbers Work

Trommel scrubbers also known as cylinder stone washing machine and rotary drum screen washing machine, is a new multi-purpose water cleaning equipment for soil, sand and stone washing, which has the functions of strong mixing, cleaning and screening. Trommel drum washing machine is mainly used for processing raw materials with mud content greater than 20%. It is not only an equipment for preliminary cleaning of raw materials, but also a multifunctional equipment for screening raw materials according to the size of particles. Trommel screen washing machine can solve the problem of water cleaning operation of sand, stone and ore, such as large soil content, high clay viscosity, not easy to dissolve in water, mixing of large and fine particles of raw materials, but also need to be cleaned and then graded. It can be widely used in the water washing and screening process of mud mine, mountain sand, weathered sand, weathered ore, waste rock in stone yard and so on .


Working principle of trommel scrubbers:

How does the trommel scrubbers work? The material screened by the drum washing machine is fed by the belt conveyor and sent to the upper part of the drum and flows into the rotating drum. The material is separated through the screen screen, and the material flows from the upper end to the lower end to complete the grading of material granularity. The drum washing machine is supported by four tugboats. The cylinder body rotates at low speed along with the motor and reducer. The ore containing mud and stone powder is fed from the feeding port through the feeding device, and the ore entering the rotating drum is cleaned. A mixing device with a specific angle is installed in the drum to continuously lift, throw and stir. During the moving process from the feed end to the discharge end, the ore is continuously washed by the forward or reverse high-pressure water column, and the cleaned ore is discharged from the discharge end After dehydration, it is discharged to the finished product pile. The sewage containing sludge flows out through the sewage device at the discharge end, and is precipitated in the three-stage sedimentation tank for re washing and recycling.

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