Material Of Construction For Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary drum screen is a very widely used screening machinery, it is based on the particle size of the material particles for screening, high precision of sorting. The barrel body of the rotary screen is generally divided into several sections, depending on the specific situation, the sieve sifts from small to large arrangement, each section of the sieve aperture is the same. According to the drive mode can be divided into shaft roller sieve and no shaft drum sieve, there are open can also be customized to the scene environment into a seal. The shaft roller sieve is to drive the shaft rotation through the motor so that the sieve with the rotation to achieve the purpose of screening.


Scope of application:

Rotary screen suitable for screening of various types of materials and coal, coke, white ash and other wet and easy to clog materials, stone field and other industries, the material is larger than 100 mm, the middle 10 to 50 mm, more fine up to less than 3 mm.

First, the stone field is used for the size of stone grading, and separate mud and stone powder;

Second, the use of sand and stone in the field separated from the sand stone;

Third, the coal industry for block coal and coal powder separation and washing coal (coal washing machinery components);

Fourth, the chemical industry, mineral processing industry for the size of block classification and separation of powdered substances.


Advantages of LDHB Roller Sieve

The use of rolling transport principle, friction coefficient is small, wear is small, roller support adopts the overall shaft structure, runs smoothly, noise is small, according to the need sieve, the use of a fully enclosed structure or open structure is easy to close dust, no pollution.

Flexible process arrangement, optional use of different specifications of the screen combination, and adjustment, replacement is simple, the use of special screen, high screening efficiency, long service life;

Strong adaptability to the material, stickiness, humidity, dirty, miscellaneous and other nature of the material can be screened, and the feeding mode flexible due to low speed, smooth work, can be installed in the upper layer of the equipment, and easy to achieve large-scale.

LDHB can be customized to meet customer needs, if you need to choose more models and categories of parameters, please contact us.

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