Q&A In Purchasing Fines Sand Material Washer For Sale

Fine sand material washer has added the function of material recovery on the basis of the original dehydration screen, and achieved the multi-purpose effect of one machine. It is also called fine sand recycling machine. Generally, it is directly installed at the back of the sand washing machine. The dehydration screen on the equipment dehydrates the finished materials of the sand washing machine again. The recycling system on the equipment can recover the waste discharged from the spinning machine, The disadvantages of sand washing machine (such as large water content of finished products, large amount of mud, dust, and impurities are difficult to be removed) are fully solved, and the quality and output of finished products are greatly improved.


Q: How to choose the fine sand recycling machine manufacturer?

A: Because of the fierce competition among various manufacturers, it is often difficult for users to choose. The individual thinks that the choice of manufacturers should be focused on: quality (on-site testing or visiting the user’s manufacturers), after-sales service and price, which should be considered in turn. One thing is to take advantage of small and cheap is the main reason for users to suffer losses and hope that the majority of users will take it as a warning.

Q: How much is the price of fine sand reclaimer? How about the quality?

A: Fine sand recovery machine is a kind of equipment with relatively high price. It needs to be considered again and again when investing. It is prudent to be cautious. The most taboo to purchase equipment is to consider the price and the quality of equipment. Equipment is bought back for its own use, not for the company, so we should focus on quality, and also ask users to choose rationally, not to be blinded by rhetoric, a price a cent of goods, low-cost buy equipment can not be used is true loss, good quality effect of strong equipment strength manufacturers will have good services and equipment.


Q: Is the actual output of fine sand reclaimer different from that of theoretical one?

A: In the normal use of fine sand reclaimer, you will be equipped with appropriate machine according to the discharge volume of sand washing machine and the output per hour. Moreover, according to the sand silt content, the actual situation of sand field and other comprehensive factors, the sand production of various materials is different under the same requirements.

Q: How often does the fines recovery units need to be maintained?

A: After the contract between the customer and the manufacturer of fine sand reclaimer is signed, the manufacturer shall assign technicians to the user site for installation guidance, and teach the operators the operation method and train the performance maintenance of each equipment. The fine sand recovery machine developed by our company is equipped with hydraulic lubrication, and various equipment need not be maintained every day. However, before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the equipment to prevent the occurrence of small problems such as the decrease of working efficiency. The operators can only update the vulnerable parts and lubricating oil within the regular range.

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