How To Recycle Fine Sand From Washing Aggregates

As we all know, in the reasonable and environmental protection configuration method of the whole sand production line, it is a popular trend to equip pulse dust collector and water washing sand washing machine. In the waste water of wet sand washing, it is inevitable that the fine sand and surface sand will be lost along with the flow of water. Each production line will lose about 5% – 25% of the content, and the loss amount in a year is also very amazing. If these losses are collected, the profits will be considerable. So how to recycle fine sand?


1.Sedimentation method of multistage sedimentation tank

The sand washing wastewater will flow into the sedimentation tank and be equipped with three layers. After time, the sediment will be precipitated layer by layer. Due to the heavy proportion of sand and mud, it can be separated after a long time. Of course, such a method also has disadvantages. For a long time of sedimentation process, it takes up a large area of sedimentation tank. In the later stage, it also needs to excavate the sediment and sediment sludge manually, which consumes more time and manpower.

2. Equipped with dewatering screen equipment

The sand washing wastewater is directly discharged to the straight-line dewatering screen to recover the lost sand. The disadvantage is that there is little or no mud in the raw materials, so there will be no problem. However, if there is too much mud, will be virtually nonexistent, and it will not be able to recover at all. What is recovered is the mixture of sediment.


3. Recovery of sand washing Reclaimer

The waste water of sand washing is directly discharged to the lower water tank part of the fine sand collector. The mixed sand slurry water is pumped to the cyclone separator and then discharged to the screen surface. The fine sand part is discharged along with the screen surface, and the mud and water flow back to the lower water tank again to form a cycle to continuously extract the sand in the wastewater. No other fault and theoretical problems have been found for the time being, and this fine sand recovery device is also recognized on the market. Two points should be paid attention to in the operation of fine sand reclaimer: first, do not feed materials when starting. It is recommended to feed materials after idling for several circles, which is more reasonable and can also reduce the equipment burden; second, when configuring the transformer, the overall power must be taken into account, and more voltage should be properly configured to ensure that the equipment can work normally without low voltage operation.

4. Adding chemical agents

The lost sand water is discharged into the submerged tank, and a chemical agent which can cause the mud and sand to agglomerate into flocculent shape is added, so as to achieve the rapid separation of sand, mud and water. However, such a way is mostly used in slime industry to recover clean coal and fine coal, and its use in gravel yard has certain limitations and cannot be popularized for the time being.

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