600m³/h River Sand Processing Solution In Australia

The Australian customer produces river sand. He has a flow rate of 600m³ per hour. We need help to extract sand from river water. After analyzing the customer’s material, we put forward a reasonable solution to get qualified products.

Material Analysis Report:


Base on this sieving report:

* 0.075 to 2.36mm over 95%
* As earlier purpose: to find a system that would work to remove the 20 to 25% sand from the dredge to shore line
* Flow: 600m³/h


Our river sand processing suggestion:

1.To reduce the water content, increase sand percentage from 20% to 50%.
2.Cyclone set FX350-6 (combine with 6pcs FX350 cyclone, each can process feed flow 100m³/h, over 75% water flow away).

3.The concentrated sand around 120m³/h flow onto dewatering screen, one set ZSD1842 is enough to meet all the needs.



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