Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cyclone Separator

Cyclone separator is a kind of equipment used for the separation of gas-solid system or liquid-solid system. The working principle is that the solid particles or liquid drops with large inertial centrifugal force are separated from the outer wall by the rotating motion caused by the tangential introduction of air flow. It is a kind of separation equipment widely used in industry.

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Cyclone separator is a kind of dry gas-solid separation equipment, which uses the centrifugal force produced by the gas-solid mixture in high-speed rotation to separate the dust from the air flow. Because the centrifugal force on particles is much greater than gravity and inertia force, the separation efficiency is higher. The main function of cyclone separator equipment is to remove the solid particles and liquid drops carried in the conveying gas as far as possible, so as to achieve gas-solid-liquid separation, so as to ensure the normal operation of pipeline and equipment.

Advantages of cyclone separator:

Simple structure, flexible operation, high efficiency, convenient management and maintenance, low price. Especially suitable for coarse dust particles, high dust concentration, high temperature, high pressure conditions, also often used as a fluidized bed reactor internal separation device, or as a pre separator.

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Disadvantages of cyclone separator:

It is sensitive to fine dust particles (e.g. diameter < 5 μ m) The separation efficiency of fine powder is only 70% – 90%. In order to improve the efficiency of dust removal and reduce the resistance, various types of cyclone separators such as spiral type, spiral type, bypass type, diffusion type, swirl type and multi tube type have appeared. The movement of gas and solid particles in cyclone separator is very complex. There are tangential, radial and axial velocities at any point in cyclone separator, and they change with the radius of rotation. In practice, the gas velocity should be controlled properly, otherwise the separation efficiency will be reduced.

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