Aggregate Wash Plant For Sale New Zealand

In the production process of machine-made sand, because the sand aggregate will contain certain impurities such as stone powder and soil, it needs to be cleaned by sand washing machine. Sand washing machine is a very common sand making equipment in the sand and stone industry, which can effectively improve the quality of sand and stone aggregate. There are many sand and stone factories in New Zealand, so how to correctly select a aggregate washing machine? What is the price of sand washer for sale in New Zealand ?


Advantages of LDHB aggregate sand washer:

  1. Clean all kinds of materialsand reduce material loss

In addition to cleaning natural sand, sand washer can also clean river pebble, cobble, granite, quartz and other materials, with more than 300 applications. In addition, the structure of sand washer is reasonable, the screen design is optimized, the material loss is less, and the washing efficiency is high.

  1. Reasonable structure and advanced accessories

LDHB sand wash plant sold to New Zealand has reasonable and unique structure, which makes the failure rate of the equipment low in operation. In addition, the equipment configuration of sand washer is high, and the impeller and bearing device are isolated from water and gravel materials, which greatly avoids the damage of sewage and pollutants to the bearing and impeller.


  1. Advanced sand washing principle

The sand washing machine adopts advanced sand washing production technology. If the sand in the sand washing machine is not cleaned, it will automatically return for reprocessing and cleaning, which effectively ensures the cleanliness of the sand.

  1. Simple installation, repair and maintenance

The sand washer only needs anchor bolts to fix and install on the horizontal concrete foundation, and pay attention to the perpendicularity between the main body and the horizontal plane. During the maintenance of the sand washer, it is not necessary to disassemble the sand washer, and it can be maintained from the outside.

The price of sand washer is affected by many factors, such as market competitiveness, manufacturer pricing, equipment model and so on. The production cost of sand washer of different manufacturers is different, and the price of sand washer is also different. Therefore, the specific price should be consulted with professional sand washer manufacturers according to different models.

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