ASIA WATER 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exhibition Name: ASIA WATER

Exhibition time: 31 Mar – 02 Apr, 2020

Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

LDHB Booth: I710


Exhibits introduction:

ASIA WATER has become one of the large-scale professional water exhibitions recognized by the industry after more than ten years of development, covering the fields of water purification, wastewater, industrial water treatment, purification technology, etc. In 2020, the exhibition was strongly built by UBM, a well-known exhibition group in Europe, and received strong support from government departments. It gathered front-line people in the field of water treatment, including industry associations, government regulators, planners, water and sanitation suppliers, plant managers, engineers, developers, contractors, construction managers, and other extensive attention and participation.

ASIA WATER 2020 will focus on the latest technologies, problems and challenges in the water treatment industry, actively advocate new technologies and concepts, and create core competitive products focusing on technology, green, environmental protection and energy conservation. According to the showguide survey, there will be various large-scale technical forums on environmental protection, wastewater treatment, recycling and other topics held at the same time.


Exhibits profile:

Water and wastewater: advanced wastewater treatment, water and wastewater treatment plant equipment, sludge compression technology, chemical treatment material equipment and technology, ozone system activated carbon and other adsorption materials and technology, nozzle and diffusion system, waste gas treatment and reuse, hazardous compounds separation, odor control equipment.

Solid waste: waste collection and transportation vehicles, mechanical treatment, biological treatment, separation equipment, crushing & briquetting & granulating equipment, washing & drying equipment, composting equipment, medical waste sterilizer, recovery system and technology, composting technology, medical waste treatment, solid and hazardous waste incineration, etc.

Urban environmental cleaning vehicles and equipment: canal cleaning and maintenance vehicles and equipment, street cleaning vehicles and equipment, winter road maintenance vehicles and services.


Our Invitations:

LDHB(Luoyang Longding Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.) has been committed to the research, design, manufacture and service of washing mechanism sand and gravel, tailings treatment, piling mud purification and waste incinerator slag treatment process. At that time, we will provide you with 3D product models and detailed explanation. We will look forward to your arrival with the most sincere attitude and provide you with professional and high-quality services.

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